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Hello 👋, my name is Pietro Rea and I am a software developer, team lead and author living in northern Virginia. Over the years I’ve discovered that I am a product engineer, which means I engage with the “why”, build MLPs (minimum lovable products) and pair up well with product, UX and design.

I’ve worked on mobile development since iOS 4 and I’m a big proponent of the mobile form factor and its untapped potential. I’ve also been a lead engineer, tech lead and people manager for mobile and full-stack engineering teams. The wonderful feeling you get when you're part of a good group of humans makes me tick and I’m driven to to find it and to build it.

Words sometimes leak out of me and make their way into books and articles, mostly about software development on Apple platforms. I love language learning and promote multilingualism as a public good. I am a native Spanish speaker and a student of Chinese. I’m married to Emily and together we have two wonderful kids.

What I've done before

I've held a number of team leadership and senior engineering positions across many industries including travel, e-commerce an media. Right now I work on Capital One’s mobile engineering team where I help build digital tools for their mobile customers.

Previously, I was a team lead at Upside Business Travel, a startup focused on building solutions for the unique problems of business travelers and their employers. While I was there I hired engineers for Upside's mobile and full stack teams and together we built Upside's corporate offering.

Prior to joining Upside, I started a mobile-focused software development agency called Sweetpea Mobile, where I helped startups like GameChanger and MightyTV with their mobile apps. I was a one-man show for most engagements and hired contractors for others. I operated as an agency for almost two years until I ramped down operations in 2017. Sweetpea Mobile is dormant but active! Reach out if you think I can help you.

Before Sweetpea Mobile, I was a mobile engineer at Quidsi, the parent company for Diapers.com, Soap.com and several other e-commerce brands. As a team, we mastered the art of “one-handed shopping”, shipping five-star iOS and Android apps that enabled parents to get all their shopping done with one hand while an infant was in the other. Quidsi was a subsidiary of Amazon so I also worked on multiple platform integration projects. And before Quidsi, I worked in the Huffington Post newsroom in New York City where I built news and video apps.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Princeton University. I decided on my major after reading The Worldly Philosophers by Robert Heilbroner, although I spent most of my time at Princeton studying Chinese and Computer Science. 你好!

Things I've written

I love to write. These days I write mostly about software development on Apple platforms. Here's a short list of things I've written before:

Where else to find me

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also drop me a line at pietro - at - pietrorea.com.

Pietro Rea
Written by Pietro Rea, a software developer, team lead and author living in northern Virginia.